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Why CUVITRU Brochure

If you’re considering talking to your doctor about CUVITRU, check out this brochure to learn more about CUVITRU and how it may help you. It’s also part of the CUVITRU Consideration Kit. Make sure you ask your doctor for it!

Patient Starter Kit.

Beginning treatment with CUVITRU is explained in the Patient Starter Kit.

Takeda provides Patient Starter Kits to specialty pharmacies. The kits are designed to help educate patients about infusing CUVITRU and should be sent along with their infusion system. The kit does not replace training by a healthcare provider. The kit includes the following:

  • Overview Guide (see below)
  • Step-by-Step Infusion Guide (see below)
  • Wellness Journal (see below)
  • Infusion Mat

You can also watch a video to walk you through everything in your kit.

Overview Guide brochure thumbnail.

The Overview Guide has all the basics.

What CUVITRU is, what supplies you'll receive, tips for what to do while infusing, and much more can be found here.

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Get the Step-By-Step Infusion Guide.

The guide outlines the steps. Keep this guide on hand for a refresher if you need it. Your healthcare team will make sure you’re properly trained on how to infuse your medication.

Wellness Journal.

Wellness Journal

Keep this handy during infusions to record details of your infusion and jot down notes for yourself, including questions or concerns to ask your doctor about.

You may also want to check out HelloCUVITRU to learn about the CUVITRU Free Trial Program

And, at MyIgSource.com, you can learn about a whole community committed to helping patients with PI and their caregivers.

Sources worth looking into

Whether you’re interested in research or connecting with others living with PI, these sources have insights to share.*

*These organizations are third-party resources and not associated with Takeda.