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CUVITRU [Immune Globulin Subcutaneous (Human)] 20% Solution lets you customize your patients’ administration to fit their needs.1

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  • Fastest SCIG infusion rates and fewest needlesticks.1

    Whether your patients prefer infusions that take less than an hour or fewer needlesticks, CUVITRU is an SCIG with administration that can be customized to meet their individual needs.1 As a 20% SCIG with the fastest infusion rates, CUVITRU can be administered up to 60 mL/h/site (as tolerated). In the North American clinical study1:

    • The median duration of once-weekly infusions was <1 hour*
    • Most patients (84.9%) used 1-2 infusion sites
    Customize without compromise

    * Median: 0.95 hours (range, 0.2-6.4 hours)
    † Patients can use up to 4 sites simultaneously

  1. CUVITRU [Prescribing Information]. Lexington, MA: Baxalta US Inc.