Important terms related to CUVITRU® and PI

Here are definitions of important words and phrases that are used on this site and that you’ll come across a lot in other information about CUVITRU and PI.

  • Acute serious bacterial infections (ASBIs):

Short-term but serious infections that require immediate medical care

  • Antibodies: 

Proteins made by the body to help fight infections

  • Chronic disorder: 

Disease or condition that usually lasts for 3 months or longer and may get worse 

over time

  • Immune system: 

Helps your body fight infection

  • Infusion: 

Method of administering fluids into the bloodstream

  • Local side effects: 

Occur on the body where the medicine is given; these generally go away within a few hours and are less likely after the first few infusions

  • Patient-year: 

Patient experience in a clinical trial over the course of 1 year. One patient-year is equal to, for example, the experience of 2 patients for 6 months, or 12 patients for 1 month each

  • Primary immunodeficiency: 

A term used to describe a group of mostly genetic disorders that cause the immune system to not work correctly 

  • Subcutaneous (subQ): 

Under the skin

  • Systemic side effects:

Happen throughout the body, such as a headache or feeling tired

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