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Free Trial Program.


Learn if CUVITRU is right for your patients with PI with the HelloCUVITRU Free Trial Program.

Help your eligible* adult PI patients see if CUVITRU is right for them. With HelloCUVITRU, the entire cost of their first 4 infusions of CUVITRU, along with ancillary supplies, pump, and administration are all covered.

Get your eligible patients started today by following the process below. If there are any questions during the process, call 1-866-888-0660 for assistance. It may take up to 2 to 3 weeks until the patient has the product and the first infusion is scheduled.

  1. Download and complete the HelloCUVITRU Free Trial Request Form and fax
    to 1-833-388-5467. Physician can check box on form if they want to have
    the pharmacist determine ramp-up dosing.

    • Please note the pharmacist will call the physician’s office to clarify
      ramp-up dosing if it is not written or the box isn’t checked
  2. Patient will receive a Welcome Call from a HelloCUVITRU Free Trial Case Manager.

    The Case Manager will:

    • Ensure that the patient has signed the HelloCUVITRU Form
    • Connect the patient with the specialty pharmacy that will coordinate medication shipment
    • Connect the patient with a nurse who will help schedule in-home administration training
  3. The patient will receive their CUVITRU infusions either at home or in the office,
    depending on what you choose. After completion of the program, communication
    will be sent to the physician documenting the infusion rate and patient training.

*Eligible patients must have an ICD-10 code verifying diagnosis of PI and be a new patient not currently using CUVITRU and not previously enrolled in the HelloCUVITRU Program. Additional Terms apply.

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