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Help your
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Help your patients
take control of
their treatment.


Customize your patient's treatment experience1

Read about dosing parameters and selecting appropriate equipment for CUVITRU [Immune Globulin Subcutaneous (Human)] 20% Solution—plus, view examples of patient experiences with CUVITRU, and see how you can individualize your patients' administration.

Get your patients started on CUVITRU®

Get your patients started

See how to calculate each patient's dose of CUVITRU including how to calculate the dosing for patients switching from another treatment.

Explore dosing parameters
Customize administration of CUVITRU for your patients

Customizable administration1

Because you can individualize the administration parameters for CUVITRU, you can choose the optimal administration experience for your patients based on their needs and preferences — whether it is fewer needlesticks or faster infusions.

View customizable administration
Infusion Calculator to learn about CUVITRU infusion administration options

Use the needlesticks
and time calculator

Use the infusion calculator to explore CUVITRU administration parameter combinations for your patients based on needlesticks and frequency of infusions. And, help your patients achieve CUVITRU’s optimal infusion rate by selecting the proper supplies.

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  1. CUVITRU [Prescribing Information]. Lexington, MA: Baxalta US Inc.